Yelp continues to blackmail the small business to pay to prevent their reputation from being ruined by user contributed and or yelp employee created review content, offering to sell the owner a optimization contract for 300.00 – 600.00 dollars a month.

After a business is added to Yelps site with an initial review, it is placed on yelps $$$ sales call list $$$,
It goes like this, “hi this is a bottom feeder YELP sales rep, I would like to help you optimize your yelp page for as little as 300.00 per month we can among other things, highlight a favorite review to appear at the top of the page about your business instead of the lousy one that we wrote that currently shows up at the top of Google’s search engines”.

It’s like being robbed in open public, only Yelp calls it an adverting optimization service. You decide, is Yelp honest?

Watch this before you read any further.


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