Want to create havoc for a small business that is not on yelp, just ad them as a new yelp review page and watch the fun unfold…Mr.Stoppelman and his team of Yelp leeches “employees” will take care of the rest…,sadly eventually ALL businesses will be listed at yelp, it’s just a matter of time before one of your unknowing customers, or one of Mr.Stoppelman’s friendly staff takes the time to add your business to the Yelp site, with a stellar or awful review.

Understand it makes no difference who writes the review, or if its a good or bad one, because eventually the BAD REVIEW will appear, be it written by your customer,or a Yelp employee, and there is little you can do to protect your self except……PAY PAY Mr.Stoppelman or …… PAY the new Yelp attorneys that specialize in removing your business and erroneous content from yelp, but that is a whole different class of bottom feeder = )

Watch this before you read any further.


One Response to “www.Yelp.com creates havoc for a small business”

  1. Sam B. Says:

    I always knew something was off about the yelp site. I mean why would anyone trust the reviews of some stranger.

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