The unlucky or unwise small business that has not the money and or willingness or mind to play the Yelp extortion game will soon find itself at the mercy of the extremely intelligent greedy unscrupulous bottom feeder CEO and co-founder of Yelp Mr. Jeremy Stoppelman.

If you don’t pay, your good reviews are whittled down to roughly 20 and new bad reviews written by Mr. Stoppelman’s employees and their friends magically appear and are moved up to the top in Google search engines for you and all your customers to see.

Icing on the extortion cake that’s being shoved down your throat, is a “paying” competitor business is now a sponsored advertiser at the top YOUR Yelp page.

You gotta smile when you see how easy it is for Stoppelman and Yelp to get almost any establishment to part with 300 dollars or more per month to try and save the reputation of their business that prior to getting that yelp review had no problem. It’s free money for the taking…extorting = )

On the flip, as a marketing tool for top placement in the prized Google search engines, 4-6 thousand dollars per year is a cheap price to pay Stoppelman to place your business as the first and best above your competitors, he also lets you pay to keep as many reviews posted on your yelp as you desire.

A site that pays Mr. Stoppelman more per month simply has more good reviews and in some cases thousands of them. Any real bad reviews are pushed down to the bottom of the list and are “optimized” NOT to be found by Googles search engine.

As soon as you begin to pay, your business is now “optimized” as it sits atop Googles search results and more importantly atop the next poor schmucks yelp page that Mr.Stoppelman and his team of scum are already calling to help “optimize” their yelp web page.


2 Responses to “The Yelp extortion game was created by the intelligent greedy, unscrupulous, CEO co-founder of Yelp; Mr. Jeremy Stoppelman.”

  1. Frank Says:

    Jeremy Stoppelman is a piece of garbage and a leach of a man to the American consumer and small business owner. I would not be sad if he got run over by a cement truck.

  2. Gary Says:

    My son is a chef at a popular Ojai restaurant and he told me the same thing. $500 a month will get you favorable positioning and reviews. What scum we have to suffer in this society of ours. Don’t even use Yelp.

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