If I were starting a new small business and wanted to get my product or service featured on the web and with TOP placement on Googles search engines, I would consider the 3 to 6000.00 thousand dollars per year Yelp extortion fee as an absolute marketing necessity.

The number of greedy rotten deeds that Jeremy Stoppleman and his Yelp team and their “social network” who perpetrate havoc upon the helpless soon to be ruined or exploited small business continues to grow along with Yelps revenues.
Without a war chest of money to pay Yelp or an attorney to defend it self these small businesses are at the mercy of the Yelp “pay for protection from bad posts system” that itself continues to grow as Yelp expands its legal extortion game under the protection of the freedom of speech laws in every city across the united states.

Watch this before you read any further.